What's so great about Keiron Partners?

A quarter century of experience, top-notch support, a battle-hardened, tested process and a passion for managing money you just can't get by pressing "2" for customer service.

Keiron vs. some of the other guys...


Nine bear markets, two recessions and a financial meltdown and we’re still standing. Stronger and more experienced than ever.

Our advisors have been there for our clients through raises, promotions, moves, kids in college, grand kids and a million job changes.

And they’ll be here for you.


We know, “methodology” sounds like one of those ambiguous buzz-terms like “core competency” or “outside the box”. We can assure you it’s not.

Our advisor’s methodology is their lifeblood. It is the definable, tested (and re-tested), measurable way we create our plans.

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