Courtney Wood, MBA

Financial Advisor

Here to help.

Growing up with a father who is a Financial Advisor, I learned the importance of financial security at a youthful age. Learning from my father inspired me to become a Financial Advisor because I wanted to teach others the same lessons he taught me. Deeper than financial know-how and investment advice, I take pride in helping others, supporting them along their journey, and doing everything in my power to leave positive, lasting impact on their lives. As your Financial Advisor, I strive to be the most dependable resource in your toolkit as you continue along your desired path in life. Prior to becoming a Financial Advisor, I worked for Raymond James as a Client Service Assistant while I was earning my MBA at Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business. I also have a BSBA in Finance from the University of Central Florida. One of my favorite aspects of being a Financial Advisor is the continuous learning required to provide exceptional service as I am a lifetime learner. Knowledge and wisdom will always be the foundation of the lessons I teach.

Your are my top priority

Paths change dramatically for young professionals. One day they graduate college, and the next they are starting families, paying off student loans, saving for retirement, and already thinking about where their own children will want to go to school. As their priorities shift, the financial lessons needed to be learned shift. Your priorities for yourself as a young professional become my priorities as your Financial Advisor. If you have a financial priority, reach out to me, I am sure I will have a lesson to teach you.

Together, we plan for tomorrow

Life paths change, but there are a few certainties along our paths that I can help you plan for. Here is how we will plan:

  1. Discuss: You and I will have a conversation. The goal here is to get to the root of your financial priorities; the reason you reached out to me in the first place. After painting the big picture, I will show you my small picture; exactly how and why I can help you. With the big and small pictures, we can determine if this relationship is a good fit for the both of us.

  2. Research: You and me, along with my team, will learn everything there is to know about your financial situation to be sure we have the complete picture. From there, my team and I will determine the best recommendations to provide to you.

  3. Implement: With your permission of course, my team and I will implement the recommendations so that you can be on your way to meeting your financial priorities. 

  4. Evaluate: As I have said, priorities change. It is inevitable that your financial plan will need to evolve as your life path evolves. Therefore, we will continuously review your plan, performance, and priorities. You and I are a team now, and I am always a phone call or email away.



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