Courtney Wood, MBA

Financial Advisor

I am your influencer, not in the social media, hyped-up type of way, but in the way that truly matters. 

I am here to help guide your financial decisions and steer you on the path to financial freedom and success. 

Financial advising is in my blood, but I am not your typical Financial Advisor. My father has been advising for close to 30 years and probably resembles what you were imagining in your head. 

I am a next generation, woman Financial Advisor who grew up around the business and is elevating the way advisors do business in the areas of Financial Planning and Client Experience, for example. 

I blend empathy, analytics, your beliefs, and my firm’s processes to provide more than investment advice, because let’s face it, investments don’t always win, but when combined with a sound, comprehensive, financial plan, put you closer to success.

Courtney's A-Listers

My best clients come from a diverse set of backgrounds, yet all have some commonalities.

They are hardworking, and their fight towards financial success is unwavering. 

My best clients are transparent, appreciate my candor, and trust me with the details of their most important financial decisions. 

Above all, they open their hearts, and I give them mine. The bond we build feels soul-deep, and I know that they will remain “family” for generations to come. If you can’t imagine grabbing a drink with me, we probably aren’t a good fit.

What's Next

Let’s keep it simple. 

We’ll start with an introductory phone call. I want to learn about you and what led you to me. 

If you are in need of my services and I can add value to your life, we’ll schedule an initial consultation together at my office. During this consultation, we will build the foundation for planning for your tomorrow, together. 

Give me a call today.

My Ruminations

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