Michael Clark

Michael Clark

Financial Advisor


I take my job extremely serious in order to educate people so they make better decisions when they invest for retirement.

I work hard to educate our clients and the employees in our retirement plans through our group meetings, individual meetings, webinars, newsletters, our weekly radio show, and being a resource for anything relating to finance.

Are your employees truly "retirement ready"?

A lot of employers make the mistake of thinking they have a good 401(k) plan if they have a high participation rate. What often gets overlooked is what I call the Retirement Ready Percentage (RRP).

How many of your older employees are actually ready for retirement?

Does your plan have employees in their early 50s with less than $50,000 in their 401(k)? That’s a big red flag. It says we need to get in there and start talking to your older employees about getting ready for retirement. Talk, educate, push, prod, whatever it takes to get them “retirement ready.”

How I Work?

1. Click the “I’m Interested” button and we’ll set up a time to talk. I’ll take the time to get to know your company and your employees.​ No obligation whatsoever. It may turn out your plan is fine the way it is. No reason to mess with success.

​2. If we both agree there’s room for improvement, I’ll meet with my staff to thoroughly review your company’s current plan, investment choices and fees.​

​3. We’ll meet again to review any compliance issues and discuss ways to cut fees and whether your current 401(k) is offering the right investment choices for your employees. If it makes sense, we’ll discuss having Keiron take over as your 401(k) consultant.

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