Coffee Talk Spring 2019

Courtney’s Coffee Talk – Spring 2019

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The first few minutes of my morning routine always involves walking over to my Keurig and brewing my cup of coffee. I need the burst of flavor and jolt of caffeine to properly start my day. Throwing in the cream and sugar seems so simple, the only thing that would make it simpler is if somehow my Keurig could automatically do it for me, every morning. To my knowledge, even the new Keurig doesn’t have that capability, but most retirement accounts do. Saving for retirement is easier when the process is simplified and “putting it on autopilot” has become one of my favorite sayings I use with my clients who are accumulating for retirement.

In this article (, Dave talks about how automatic investment plans help us stay on track with our retirement contributions (whether 401k, IRA, or Roth, for example). He covers a few ways you can set up your automatic contributions. As a Financial Advisor, I can personally help you set up your autopilot, but together, we can go a step forward and also select investments for those contributions. Let’s make saving for retirement easier, give me a call.

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