Courtney's Coffee Talk - Fall 2019

Courtney’s Coffee Talk – Fall 2019

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Sunday morning is my favorite time to have coffee. Monday to Friday (and when I work on Saturdays), I usually feel as though I am drinking it for the caffeine, to kickstart my energy for a never-ending busy week. Sundays I feel content; nowhere to be (except for church at 7PM), and unlimited time to savor my cup. I was talking with a client recently about how regardless of my fast-paced lifestyle, I never feel “burnt out.” This is because I strive to live a life of balanced passions. I devote time to nurturing my business, my golf game, my relationships (including the one with myself), and whatever else happens to inspire me in the moment. I am on a never-ending journey of being “me,” and I truly only do what I love (that includes being a Financial Advisor). Managing your financial household requires balance; spend just enough and save what you can (for the varying financial goals you have), but I believe it is just as important to not hold ourselves so strictly that we feel as though we are no longer living or are “financially burnt out.”

In this article (, Chris Hogan gives us permission to spend money on our passions and gives us some tips to spend smartly. When we are strategic, we can save for the future, and enjoy life now. Trying out a new hobby before you commit to it, and purchasing used equipment are great ideas. Lots of boutique gyms offer a free trial period before you commit to a membership. Of course, we want to make sure we are not accumulating debt or dipping into our emergency fund to pursue our passions. If you’re feeling financially burnt out, this Financial Advisor is giving you permission to spend on some fun. Can’t wait to hear about your return on happiness.

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