Courtney’s Coffee Talk – Spring 2020

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As I sipped my coffee this morning, the S&P 500 fell just shy of 7%. I know what you’re thinking, how could I possibly have time to enjoy coffee when I should be running around panicking right? Wrong. I spent my weekend attending class (which I will be doing through September, but I will save that for another blog), working out at my local gym, and enjoying dinner and a movie last night with a couple of my girlfriends as a toast to International Women’s Day. We saw a new thriller that kept me anxious on the edge of my seat, uncertain of what was going to happen next. This isn’t much unlike the times we are having in the current market. Yes, there is volatility and uncertainty. Yes, there is a virus running around, sort of like the “bad guy” in the movie. If the movie had spooked me too much, I could have closed my eyes, or left the theater. With the markets, we don’t have that luxury. As opposed to myself watching a scary movie, Courtney the Financial Advisor doesn’t react emotionally to the markets. This isn’t a market blog, this is a blog dedicated to helping you improve your financial wellbeing, something that we have direct control over, regardless of what the “bad guys” are up to.

In this article (, the author gives insight into living within your means, something we could all use a refresher on during the good times and the bad times. It is always a great time to check the temperature on your emergency fund, and make sure it covers at least 3 to 6 months of your non-discretionary expenses. If you have big purchases on the horizon, try saving for as much as the expense as possible (ideally 100%) instead of relying on credit. Speaking of big purchases, don’t feel pressured to keep up with the Joneses. Keep up with yourself and your goals, and always remember that at the end of the day, only you are on your path. Our actions including sticking to our budget, saving when possible, and maintaining low levels of debt are in our control, and will always give the good guys a fighting chance when it comes to meeting your financial goals, and living financially healthy. Feeling alone in the trenches? Give me a call, I am always here to help.


The S&P 500 is an unmanaged index of 500 widely held stocks that is generally considered representative of the U.S. stock market. Keep in mind that individuals cannot invest directly in any index, and index performance does not include transaction costs or other fees, which will affect actual investment performance. Individual investor’s results will vary. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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