Courtney’s Coffee Talk – Winter 2019

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For about three weeks now, I have been scribbling down notes on a piece of scratch paper. Any guess what those notes might be? Given the time of year, I’ll bet a few of you guessed right…resolutions. For those of you who know me rather personally, I am extremely goal oriented. I can’t get through a cup of coffee before my mind is rattling off multiple things to achieve today, this week, this lifetime. Reflection and goal setting are therapeutic and feed my soul. Has anyone else felt proud of themselves for setting a goal even though they hadn’t taken a single step to get there yet? That’s the slippery slope of resolutions and why I almost didn’t write on this topic. Something like only 8% of resolutions are actually fulfilled each year. I don’t want that to be our story and so I now pronounce us accountability partners. As accountability partners, I’d like to let you in on a secret; my resolutions are similar to yours. In 2020, I am focusing on my health, my relationships, and my money. Does this sound familiar? I actually already got a head start; I am 65% of the way to my goal weight, I increased my 401k contribution to 12%, and I cut my budget down by about $200 per month. 2020 is our year to achieve, not our year to dream. If we start today, just think of where we will be financially next year.

In this article (, Chris Hogan helps make our financial resolutions a reality by taking a look at the behavioral habits of over 10,000 millionaires. Becoming a millionaire is a lifelong commitment, but small resolutions now, bring you steps closer. Above all, financial wellbeing takes planning, sacrifice, and hard work. If you aren’t sure where to start, I suggest fine-tuning (or starting) your budget, paying down debt, and finding a way to save a consistent percentage of your income (with the long-term goal being 15%). This all may sound daunting, but I am right there with you, and as a Financial Advisor, I might just be the professional that can change your course. Let’s start now.

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